We are a new LA based food service company. Our goal is to represent your office as a lunch concierge to help you with your office food programs.  This way your team can focus on more important things and we can take care of the food.


Our meals are prepared daily by our amazing culinary partners with fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients.             

We are partnering with Top Caterers to bring you the best food and keep prices aligned with your budget.  


Check our food programs below.  These are some options of both food and plans, we work with you to customize the programs to meet your needs. 

Concierge Programs

FUN FACT: Did you know that companies having food paid programs increase productivity!!! 

  • 48% of employees said sharing meals with colleagues fosters a better working relationship.

  • 67% of employees said that they feel more valued and appreciated.

One-time Catering

Do you have an event or hosting a lunch for your office?  

Whatever the occasion might be, We are here to help.  Check out our catering options or create your own using our menu options. 

Pop-up Restaurant

Do you want your whole office to be super happy?  Invite us and we will create a mini restaurant at your location for a few hours.

Are you a restaurant and looking to expand your business?  Join our Pop-up restaurant program to help you grow.

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